Employment Opportunities


Job Description

Working under the direction of the Tribal Administrator, the Environmental Manager is responsible for overseeing the environmental performance of all public, private, commercial and industrial activity on the La Posta Reservation. This will include reviewing development and land use plans, determining where improvements can be made and ensuring compliance with Tribal and Federal environmental regulations/ordinances on the reservation.

The Environmental Manager is expected to create, implement, and monitor environmental strategies for a sustainable environmental department in addition to mentoring and managing department staff. This will include conducting environmental audits and assessments while identifying and resolving environmental issues.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and implement environmental strategies and action plans
  • Develop and implement environmental management systems to reduce the impact of the
    organization on the environment
  • Assume lead responsibility for writing environmental reports and related grant requests.
  • Manage relations with the environmental board of directors, tribal council, senior management, and staff.
  • Coordinate activities related to pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental
    health, conservation, and renewable energy.
  • Lead the implementation of environmental policies and practices.
  • Ensure compliance with Tribal and Federal environmental regulations and monitor Tribal and
    Federal legislation and related rulemaking
  • Coordinate with local, Tribal, state and federal organizations and regulatory authorities
  • Audit, analyze and report environmental performance as directed by Tribal and Federal law.
  • Promote and raise awareness regarding environmental issues
  • Coordinate public hearings and consultations on environmental matters
  • Train staff at all levels on environmental issues and responsibilities
  • Participate in environmental education and research
  • Negotiate environmental service agreements and manage associated costs and revenues
  • Set organizational sustainability targets and develop plans to meet those targets.

To apply, email resumes to James Hill (potts@lptribe.net) and Eric LaChappa (ELaChappa@lptribe.net) Position is located at the offices of the La Posta Band of Mission Indians, La Posta Reservation in Boulevard, CA (San Diego County).