U.S./Mexico Border Activities

NAEPC began its border activities with a Border XXI grant. In July 2004, NAEPC became the Tribal Liaison for California Border Tribes. NAEPC hosts Tribal Border Caucus Meetings as funded to enable tribes on both sides of the US-Mexico Border an opportunity to discuss their environmental concerns. NAEPC also compiled the Border 2012 reports and now compiles the Border 2020 Report, when there is a National Coordinators Meeting.  If there is no meeting NAEPC contacts the tribes to determine concerns and issues to highlight in a brochure.  The full Tribal Accomplishments and Issues Report is presented at the National Coordinators Meeting when they are held.


Mitigation Localized Flooding - Development of a Green Infrastructure Master Plan Factsheet - 11/2/2020

EPA Announces Over $335,000 for Projects in U.S.-Mexico Border Region - 10/27/2020

US-Mexico Border 2020: Fall 2020 Newsletter / México- EE.UU. Frontera 2020: Boletín de Otoño de 2020


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Border 2012 Tribal Accomplishments & Issues

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