2 open seats on the CalEPA Tribal Advisory Committee.

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2 open seats on the CalEPA Tribal Advisory Committee.

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Hi all,
Please see attached Membership Solicitation Letter to fill 2 open seats on the CalEPA Tribal Advisory Committee. Of the two seats that are open, one is to fill the seat that Ken Tippon from Graton held for years. Ken was the Chair of the CalEPA TAC until 2016 when he stepped down. We also need another northern California seat for the CalEPA TAC, a newly created seat. The seats can be filled by members or staff appointed by their Tribe from anywhere in California although for distribution’s sake, it would be good to get 1 central California and 1 northern California representative. Of the current TAC members, no one is from a non-Federally recognized Tribes, so please share this solicitation letter with members of those Tribes as well, they will just need a letter from their Tribal Council recommending them in order to be considered for the seat.

I’ve been Chair since December 2016. Since late 2017, we’ve structured the meetings to give each BDO (the Boards, Departments and Office of CalEPA: State Water Resources Control Board, Air Resources Board, Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery [CalRecycle], Department of Toxic Substances Control, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) an opportunity to present on their programs and provide information on their resources. We’ve received some valuable information thus far, with a few more presentations to go. The past presentations will soon be on the TAC website https://calepa.ca.gov/tribal/committee/

The next CalEPA TAC meeting will be held in the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s area at the Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center, 2300 West Line Street, Bishop, CA 93514. During the two day meeting, one of those days we’ll have the opportunity for an all-day field day where we will be shown the environmental issues in that area. The other day will be a short meeting session to allow time for the Department of Pesticide Regulation to present on their programs and provide information on their resources. I hope that the presentation will be streaming, but at the minimum there will be powerpoints which will be available. We’ve asked DPR to discuss at least the following:
• What is their role in pesticide regulation?
• Demonstrate how their Pesticide Use Reporting works and how Tribes can find additional information on pesticides used near them
• Discuss their role in permitting experimental pesticides through Research Authorization Permits, what additional information can Tribes request and what are the opportunities for comment to ensure no impacts on Tribal resources.

If you have additional topics that you think DPR should discuss, please let me know right away, or please feel free to contact Malinda Dumisani at malinda.dumisani@calepa.ca.gov

We hope to have an October meeting at the Annual Conference which will take place over several sessions (lasting a total of 3 hours or so) that will give everyone who attends an opportunity to participate and hear the reports of the Tribal Liaisons of the CalEPA BDOs.

Finally, we have our December meeting mid month (date not yet set) where we will meet with the outgoing CalEPA Secretary Matt Rodriguez and outgoing heads of the BDOs (the newly elected Governor will appoint a new Secretary and BDO heads) where they will report on their programs as they relate to Tribes, their consultation successes and other CalEPA topics affecting Tribes.

Hope you consider applying for one of the seats or passing the Solicitation Letter to interested people, thanks!

Sarah Ryan, Environmental Director
Environmental Protection Department
Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians
2726 Mission Rancheria Rd.
Lakeport, CA 95453

707-263-3924 x132
707-263-5378 fax
707-349-4040 cell

From: Dumisani, Malinda@EPA <Malinda.Dumisani@calepa.ca.gov>
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2018 12:27 PM
Cc: Garcia, Yana@EPA <Yana.Garcia@calepa.ca.gov>; Sarah Ryan <sryan@big-valley.net>; harrycwilliams145@gmail.com; Linda D. Otero <lindaotero@fortmojave.com>; Nora McDowell-Antone <NoraMcDowell@fortmojave.com>; Dore Bietz <dbietz@mewuk.com>; Crystal Robinson <crystal.robinson@qvir-nsn.gov>; Clifford Batten <cbatten@sanmanuel-nsn.gov>; Chris Manzano (CManzano01@sanmanuel-nsn.gov) <CManzano01@sanmanuel-nsn.gov>; 'brian.adkins@bishoppaiute.org' <brian.adkins@bishoppaiute.org>
Subject: CalEPA Seeks Nominations (2 Openings) to CalEPA Tribal Advisory Committee, Deadline July 31, 2018

The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) is seeking nominations for two open membership positions to its CalEPA Tribal Advisory Committee (TAC) which advises CalEPA and its Boards, Departments and Office (BDOs) on the implementation of its Agency-wide Tribal Consultation Policy. The TAC was established to discuss environmental issues and projects involving Tribes (please see attached Charter). Since its inception, CalEPA has increased its understanding and ability to work more effectively with Tribes by harnessing the Committee’s collective knowledge and experience. Committee members serve a two-year term to participate in quarterly meetings primarily held in Sacramento. Members will be reimbursed for travel and lodging expenses to and from Committee meetings.
If you have interest in being considered for membership to the Advisory Committee, please review the attached documents and submit your nomination to CalEPA. Please send your nominations by July 31, 2018. You may forward the nominations to the following:
Malinda Dumisani
Special Assistant for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs, CalEPA
P.O. Box 2815, Sacramento, CA 95812-2815
Or via email at Malinda.dumisani@calepa.ca.gov.
For questions regarding this email, please contact, Assistant Secretary for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs, Yana Garcia at (916) 323-0444 or yana.garcia@calepa.ca.gov or Malinda at (916) 445-9480 or Malinda.dumisani@calepa.ca.gov.
Malinda Dumisani
Special Assistant for Environmental Justice and Tribal Affairs
CA Environmental Protection Agency

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