TEHC Survey Template

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TEHC Survey Template

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Several of you have given the TEHC surveys out in your communities at earth day and other events and there have also been several other people who have requested the survey template. Attached is the generic survey template here in both word format and as a pdf.

This survey was developed with several partners and it is based off of a larger survey called the PACE EH survey. For the communities that have used the survey, we customized some of the questions to reflect what was happening in that community. There is also a place to put in a map that you can designate or divide into several areas so that people can tell you which section they live in. This is important because when you do the analysis its good to know if the problems that are brought up are reservation wide or just isolated to a section of the community.

NAEPC will house the templates along with the templates for doing the analysis, there is also a template for a final report and powerpoint presentation that can be used to present the data after the analysis.
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