Keep Your Home & Children Safe from Poisons

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Keep Your Home & Children Safe from Poisons

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To Tribal Governments in AZ, CA and NV.

Keep Your Home & Children Safe from Poisons - - Because more than 90 percent of poisonings happen in the home, poison center experts encourage everyone to take the following steps to make sure your home is poison-safe: (1) close caps on medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements and other products immediately after use, making sure that they are put back on tightly; (2) Keep all medicines (including vitamins and herbal supplements), household cleaning products, and garden chemicals up high where children can’t see or reach them; (3) Never store home or garden chemicals in food containers like bottles or cups. Keep them in their original containers; (4) Never mix household cleaning products together. Mixing them can cause poisonous gasses; (5) Call your local poison center (1-800-222-1222) immediately if you can’t find a small battery or magnet missing from a toy or other item. Button batteries and magnets can both be deadly if swallowed by a child; (6) Install a carbon monoxide detector and check the batteries twice a year; (7) When applying pesticides, follow the directions on pesticide labels and be sure to remove children, pets and toys from the area until they can return safely; (8) Periodically go through your medicine cabinet and safely dispose of old or expired medicines; Post the Poison Help number by your home phone and program it into cell phones: Poison Help Line (1-800-222-1222) - Click on the American Association of Poison Control Centers for more information. EPA Region IX Contact: Fabiola Estrada, Pesticides Office, 415-972-3493 or email < >.

Fabiola Estrada
Pesticides Program
US EPA Region 9 (CED5)
75 Hawthorne Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone (415) 972-3493
Fax (415) 947-3583
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