U.S./Mexico Border Activities
NAEPC began its border activities with a Border XXI grant. In July 2004, NAEPC became the Tribal Liaison for California Border Tribes. NAEPC hosts Tribal Border Caucus Meetings as funded to enable tribes on both sides of the US-Mexico Border an opportunity to discuss their environmental concerns. NAEPC also compiled the Border 2012 reports and now compiles the Border 2020 Report, when there is a National Coordinators Meeting.  If there is no meeting NAEPC contacts the tribes to determine concerns and issues to highlight in a brochure.  The full Tribal Accomplishments and Issues Report is presented at the National Coordinators Meeting when they are held.

Upcoming Events


Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Launches Second Youth Innovation Challenge 


Enter CEC’s challenge to compete for $5,000 in seed funding and present your green growth idea to North American environmental leaders in Oklahoma City

North American environmental ministers are calling on youth to champion bold ideas for green growth to address the complex sustainability challenges we currently face. Visit to submit your science, technology and business innovations and get the chance to present your idea to North America’s top environmental officials, receive C$5,000 in project seed funding, and meet with experts at the CEC.


“Innovation is the key to North American sustainable growth, enabling us to use our natural resources to grow our economies and quality of life while preserving the environment, ecosystems and human health. North American youth are creative and innovative and we are looking forward to their ideas on green growth,” said Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency and CEC Council Chair.

Grant Details: The CEC Youth Innovation Challenge is open to residents of Canada, Mexico and the United States (and its territories) aged 18-30. Participants are encouraged to look beyond incremental solutions and propose bold ideas to leapfrog to solutions that address the complex sustainability challenges facing North America. Ideas will be evaluated based on four criteria: innovation, impact, feasibility/replicability and profitability. Students and young entrepreneurs are invited to propose ideas on a broad range of green growth topics.


The challenge opens January 15, 2018 and idea submissions are due by April 3, 2018.
This is your chance to make a difference! Start posting your ideas, or commenting and voting on those of others today! Ideas can be submitted in English, French or Spanish.


For more information and guidelines, visit

Make sure to tell CEC about your green idea on Facebook or Twitter using the #Youth4Innovation hashtag.  Follow the CEC on Facebook at or our Twitter @CECweb.

Past Meetings
No meetings held in past two years.

Tribal Accomplishments and Issues Report, 2009 (En)
Tribal Accomplishments and Issues Report, 2009 (Esp)

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