Waste Reduction & Prevention
In 1997 NAEPC was awarded a SWANA grant to offer training in solid waste management and planning, landfill operation and regulations, ordinances, and codes.

In 1997 NAEPC began a four-year GAP grant, which included environmental office establishment and staff training for member Tribes and NAEPC, technical training, grant writing assistance, environmental justice awareness, establishment of an education and outreach program, and the development of solid waste ordinances.

Environmental Justice
NAEPC assisted member and non-member Tribes, and the community at large by advocating for environmental justice to bring awareness to the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill through meetings and the development of a video.

Chemical Emergency Preparation
In 1999 NAEPC began a Chemical Emergency grant, which included the development of chemical emergency plans for member Tribes by using GIS to locate and map each reservation.

In 1999 NAEPC began a recycling grant to develop a Recycled Office Products catalog and assist member Tribes in establishing recycling programs.

Air Program
In 2000 NAEPC was awarded a 103 Air grant to complete basic needs assessments and emission inventories for member Tribes. By attending conferences and trainings NAEPC was able to alert Tribes to new EPA air standards. NAEPC also organized and facilitated meetings on these issues for EPA and Tribes throughout California.

Border XXI
In January 2003 NAEPC closed out a Border XXI grant in which NAEPC held five roundtables to bring Tribal issues to the EPA’s attention. The roundtables included updates from the EPA, states, project coordinators, and Tribes from Mexico. Key information was also disseminated to the Tribes.